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Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Independent films are those black and white hippie movies, they're always about gay cowboys eating pudding."

Ahh, my podunk little hometown is moving up in the world:

(Shamelessly lifted from here)
(Comments in plain are my smartass remarks. Yay!)

The Rusk County Community Library, the Wisconsin Humanities Council, and the Miner Theater present: The Ladysmith Film FestivalApril 18-20. All events are FREE! (Yay! That's something that hypocritical ass Redford probably can't claim. Free! I picked up my tickets already. Free! So fucking free that they capitalized it and gave it an exclamation point!)

Friday, April 18: Doors open at 6:00p (Rush of filmgoers occurs at 6:25 PM. Yours truly debates on whether or not to go, as it'll clash with Voyage of the Damned. Then she realizes that on the other hand, it is Voyage of the Damned, and from what she's heard it may be a bit meh. She then thanks heavens the proper season premiere isn't until the following week, and she has a VCR, so things kinda work out in the end.)

6:30 PM - Opening remarks by author Jerry Apps

7 PM - Film: The Real Dirt on Farmer John (83 mins) (Please, let his prefix be "Old" and his last name "MacDonald." E-I-E-I-Whoooo!)

Post-film discussion with Jerry Apps, Bill Berry (Future of Farming), Aliesha Crowe (Extension Agent), Dale Daggett(Local Organic Farmer) and Tracey Mofle (NW Wis. Regional Food Network)

Saturday, April 19:10:30 AM - Kids learn about Great Lakes shipwrecks with Michael Hladilek of Free Spirit Great Lakes Media (Hey kids, wanna hear about the Edmund Fitzgerald? The real story, and not some shitty 70s musical tripe? Thought so!!)

11 AM - Under an Autumn Moon: Shipwrecks on Lake Superior, followed by conversation with film makers (insert another Gordon Lightfoot crack here. *goes off to play "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" on CD player*)

2 PM - Sweetland (111 mins) followed by conversation moderated by Bill Berry

7 PM - re-run The Real Dirt on Farmer John (Reruns already? Hell, it's Torchwood finale night, and I'll have seen this movie already...I hope.)

Sunday, April 20 Family Matinee 2 PM - Fly Away Home (108 mins) followed by conversation and interactive activities (Movie with Jeff Daniels = almost always automatic win. Movie with Jeff Daniels not featuring him on toilet thanks to Jim Carrey prank = instant win)

All Events Take Place at the Miner Theater (Miners and Hoes. USELESS NUGGET OF INFO: the theater was once known as the "Unique." Unique in that the movie always started half an hour past the scheduled showtime, and that's not even including previews. That practice is still in effect today. Except for Star Wars Episode III, which started on time but was ruined by asshole kids who wouldn't shut their fucking mouths. That's another story.)

Anyways, it'll be interesting seeing how the thing turns out. Hopefully next year we'll get a movie with gay cowboys eating pudding; it just wouldn't be an indie film fest without one.


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