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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blowing Shit Up Week: The Explosive Conclusion!!

And now, the final installment of the first, and hopefully not final, edition of Blowing Shit Up Week. We've seen lots of shit blow up over the week, including Elmo dolls, pumpkins, and loads of plastic bottles.

And an orchestra.

And some people hiding behind bushes.

And some more shit.

And John Cleese. Well, not really John Cleese, since that was a film clip, and he's in a sketch after the guy that plays a tape recorder up his nose.

And a bus...although that's not really out on DVD yet, just a trailer.

So to go full circlish, here's ten minutes of Jezza blowing up cars and murdering cars in other amusing fashions. If anything, it'll make the wait for new Top Gear go by a lot better...

Yeah, that makes me feel better. Still ain't November 2, but I watch that a few more times...yeah...

Anyways, so ends Blowing Shit Up Week. Normal non-explodery blog service resumes next week.

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