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Monday, October 06, 2008

Toilet Bowl, Week Five

Another slightly truncated edition. Any Plungers this week? Hellz no!

  • The Rams had a bye.
  • The Texans almost knocked off the Colts, but sadly it was not to be.
  • The Bengals had a shot...for a little while.
  • The less said about the Lions, the better.

Pick wise...holy shit. Only five of my picks were right, not counting the "take yer pick." That brings me to 30-21-7.


Byes: Bills, Titans, Chiefs, Steelers. The Turds are all in play!!

  • Bears vs. Falcons. Ehhhh....I'll do a Two-Face coin flip. Results: Falcons.
  • Dolphins vs. Texans. You wanna upset pick? Once again, I'll pick the Texans.
  • Ravens vs. Colts. Peyton was lucky. Ravens.
  • Lions vs. Vikings. Oh, I so want to do a Shitz-n-Giggelz pick here, but it's the fucking Lions. Vikings in a landslide.
  • Raiders vs. Saints. You know how much fun I could have had had the Raiders still remained in the bowl? Saints.
  • Bengals vs. Jets. Hah hah hah! Favre goes wild again for the Jets.
  • Panthers vs. Buccaneers. Carolina seems to be back in stride. Panthers.
  • Rams vs. Redskins. Redskins. NEXT!
  • Jaguars vs. Broncos. Oh, shit...this is where it all went wrong for Denver last year. I don't want to do this, but here it is.....take yer pick.
  • Cowboys vs. Cardinals. OK, here's your Shitz-n-Giggelz pick. The Cardinals!
  • Eagles vs. 49ers. Coin flip again...comes up Eagles.
  • Packers vs. Seahawks. Last year, this would have sounded good. Seahawks win big.
  • SUNDAY NIGHT FOOSBALL...Patriots vs. Chargers. Last month when Tom Brady was healthy, this would have sounded good. Upset pick: Chargers.
  • MONDAY NIGHT FOOSBALL...Giants vs. Browns. know what, help yourself to another Shitz-n-Giggelz pick with the Browns. Somewhere, that didn't sound right.


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