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Monday, October 20, 2008

Toilet Bowl, Week...Um, Seven!

We interrupt "Blowing Shit Up Week" to bring you this week's Toilet Bowl update.

The Lions and Bengals are still winless....the way they're playing maybe the Toilet can go boom to. That'd give new meaning to "blowing shit up."

Picks were an abysmal 6-7-1. Totals for this season are 45-32-9.


Byes: Bears, Broncos, Packers, Vikings. This means I won't be watching much football this week. Not that that aberration of a Monday Night game didn't play some part. It'll be DVD time!!

  • Raiders vs. Ravens. Ravens.
  • Cardinals vs. Panthers. Panthers.
  • Buccaneers vs. Cowboys. Bucs.
  • Redskins vs. Lions. Hah. Redskins.
  • Bills vs. Dolphins. UPSET PICK: Dolphins.
  • Rams vs. Patriots. SHITZ-N-GIGGELZ PICK: Rams.
  • Chargers vs. Saints. This game's being played in London, apparently airing on BBC 2. That's why you have to wait a whole fucking week till new Top Gear episodes air...and then get torrented on the Internets. I joined the Final Gear forums a few months back, and some of stuff they've taped will be made of so much win and shit that I'm actually going to learn to torrent. Umm, back to football...No pick. You bastards.
  • Chiefs vs. Jets. Brett Favre's a bastard who backstabbed his old team out of spite. Not like it's helped the Lions anyway, you dumbfuck. Chefs.
  • Falcons vs. Eagles. UPSET PICK: Panthers.
  • Bengals vs. Texans. Texans.
  • Browns vs. Jaguars. SHITZ-N-GIGGELZ PICK: Browns.
  • Giants vs. Steelers. Ooooh...Giants.
  • Seahawks vs. 49ers. Bleh....49ers.
  • MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Colts vs. Titans. Peyton got his ass kicked by the Packers...and I picked the Colts! Methinks that the '72 Dolphins will be popping some corks after this game.

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