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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reality Bytes, Part Two

Long time, no post! It's been awhile since I last posted my ramblings to myself on here. Once of my earlier rants focused on the shit VH1 passed off as "reality." Nowadays, even the reputable reality stuff is screaming "Shark! Fonzieeeee!!! You dumb mother----"

Case in point....American Idol. The show for the most part is tame, except for the occasionally "deep dark secret" of at least one contestant each season. This year, we gots two, but most of you probably already know those's actually a good singer though. The other is what my dad refers to as a term so derogatorily hysterical I can't bring myself to post it.

Now, most of the good singers stay till the very end. Save for Tamyra. And Latoya. And that one chick from season two the week before Josh Gracin. This year, half the good singers were gone before the one guy my dad loathes.

First off, Nikko Smith. The dude really redeemed himself when he got his second shot.
Next, the kickass Nadia Turner. She got ripped on for her unique selections. Loved her smile.
Anwar Robinson....the dude's a friggin' music teacher!!! Had more talent than said dude.
But the straw that broke the camel's back? Constantine. Good sweet Jesus. Fronted AN EFFIN BAND!!! Melted girls' hearts! WHAT THE EFF?????

OK, that outta the way, the 5/4 ep redeemed itself with Anthony Federov getting played on his 20th. That other dude went home. My faith in God was restored. OK, I'm being a smartass with that last comment...hell, I went nuts the moment Pope Benedict made his appearance a couple of weeks ago. That was the Catholic version of the Beatles landing in the US. I'll shut up before I open that infamous "Lennon quote" can of worms.

OK, that said....TBS is bringing back that abomination known as The Real Gilligan's Island. Oh shit...I confess. I watched it and loved every crappy minute of it. Lord only knows I'm going to end up watching season two. Could be more entertaining that watching Ulong get Pagonged. Heh...heh.

Finally, speaking of shit.....VH1 unveiled its newest lineup for The End Is Nigh---er, Surreal Life. That stupid bitch from the first season of Donald Trump's Ego Trip, Jose Consteroidco, and some other celebs aiming for publicity. Good sweet Jesus. My eyes are going to melt the moment that airs.

Eh, I'm gonna hurl ifI have to make any more reality comments. I'll wrap this up. Blech!


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