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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Environmental Brainwashing of the Masses Day!!

God, I hate Earth Day.

No, I'm not anti-environment. I try recycling, limiting how much water and electricity I use, and try to avoid really really unnecessary trips in my ol' Saturn. However, I don't subscribe to the global warming bullshit and all this biofuel garbage. You know, instead of wasting tons of crops to turn into fuel, maybe they could feed those less fortunate people on our planet.

I think South Park got it right in their "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow" episode, where the Earth Day people are featured as wackos who'll do anything to get their message across. The eco-terrorists, PETA, ManBearPig and his sheep/ilk, the "Use Only One Square of TeePee For Your Bunghole" crowd...they're all a bunch of fucking nitwits. Technically, I could go on and on about their hidden agendas that target the human populace, but you can do that research on your own.

Basically, here's the BlanketyBlog view on the environment: do your part, no matter how big, and don't subscribe to fucking cuckoo flavor of the month theories.


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