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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The New Dew Review

Sorry about the lack of happened or something.

Anyway, by now you should all know about my favoritest beverage in the whole wide world. No, not Kahlua Mudslides, or Boone's Farm. Going on from there, if you haven't heard of Dewmocracy, you have probably saw the results of that campaign at your local grocer, Wally World or gas station. Click the "Overview" link for more info.

I myself, being a loyal Dew addict,have sampled all three flavors of the potential new flavor. Here's my look at the three, followed by my personal choice.

First off....the contenders...

Starting from the left, we have Mountain Dew Voltage. This flavor, which comes in a nice deep sky blue color, features wild berries with ginseng. Drinking this, I could tell the berry flavor, although it was slightly mooted by the ginseng. It left no strange aftertaste, and the inevitable belch did have a slightly odd berry tone. Overall, it wasn't too bad.

Next, we have Mountain Dew Supernova. In the pinkish-purple color scheme, this features a combination of strawberry and melon with ginseng. When I tried this, I immediately got the strawberry. The aftertaste tasted like melons, so that was another bonus. Best of all, the belch tasted like, well, strawberry and melon. Absolutely awesome stuff.

Finally, Mountain Dew Revolution in the very pale blue color. This has raspberry and citrus with ginseng. When I first bought this, I thought it had promise, as one of my rare guilty pleasure is Raspberry Creme Shasta (however it's not local, hence the rareness). However, when I tasted it I couldn't tell any flavor, almost as if the two had cancelled each other. Worse yet, both the aftertaste and the belch were horrible. This was my least favorite out of the three.

So it comes down to Voltage and Supernova. After much deliberation and more deliberation, followed by a can of the yellow Classic Dew, I made my decision.

The Official BlanketyBlog Pick for New Dew Flavor is.....

Vote for SuperNova

Now go vote for it, dammit!! :P


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