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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here's Your BlanketyBlog Christmas Card!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Turned 26 on December 9th, and spent several days celebrating the transition of one family member. He's no longer referred to as Turd Boy...He's now Turd Boy, College Graduate. Ah, I still call him Turd Boy for short.

And did I mention the stork paid a visit in September? Little guy will be three months on Christmas Eve.

There's no song list this year, as there really haven't been any new songs I've taken a fancy to, other than "Fairytale of New York," available on YouTube. Bless the Irish.

So here's a special Christmas Card for you...THE "BLOWING SHIT UP" CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!

Richard Hammond gets into the holiday spirit by seeing what you can do if Santa gets stuck in your chimmeny...

And because he can, he decides to find out what happens if you stick your Christmas lights in a microwave. Yay!

All right, not an explosion of the "boom!" kind but you may need to use the can after this...apparently Hamster must be a South Park fan.

Finally, Christmas Works Bombs!

OK...that should suffice. See ya after Christmas!


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