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Monday, September 26, 2005

Milwaukee Vice: My Recent Adventure in the Brew City, Part One

Hello, kiddies! It's been awhile since I put something up, so considering I spent my weekend in the largest city in the Badger State, I thought you'd like to know what the hell I was doing.

A backstory to all this madness; my aunt lives in Waukesha (not technically Milwaukee...duh), so once in awhile my mom, my older sister, any other stragglers and me will go down there and spend a few days (and most of our money) and enjoy some company.

We first went in March of 2003 as a belated birthday gift for my mom. That included an embarrassing trip to Outback Steakhouse. Embarrassing for the old woman, at least.

The next trip was in March of '04 when my sister dragged her two boys along and we froze our asses off at the Milwaukee County Zoo....but it was FREEEEE!!

That September, we were able to score Badgers tickets, so we picked up my aunt from her condo and Turd Boy from Platteville, headed to Madison, and roasted our asses off in 80 degree heat. But Jimmy Leonhard scored a touchdown (yeah, Rusk County pride!!) and we embarrassed a waiter at the Madison Outback (revenge can be a bitch, eh?) so the weekend once again was a success.

February '05.....Super Bowl Party. Goddamned Patriots won, but otherwise it was an okay weekend.

July 2-5.....decided to spend the Fourth of July down there. That included spending Sunday at the Brewers game. The Brew Crew lost, and it rained most of Monday, but the fireworks display made up for it.

Which brings me back to now. We enjoyed the damn baseball game so much we decided to go to another one. We settled on the 9/24 game, Fan Appreciation Night versus the St. Louis Cardinals.

5:00: Mom, Aunt, Sister, One of Her Brats and myself are out the door (only after making sure the VCR is set to record the Wisconsin/Michigan game)

5:30: We head onto National Avenue, only to find out that traffic is jammed. Some dumbass in a pickup went in the wrong lane and took out a semi. Fortunately, nobody was killed but the dumbass was cited for not wearing a seatbelt and wreckless driving.

5:45: We reach Miller Park, pay for parking, and end up near the end of the driveway, in the rain.

6:00: We make it to the stadium entrance by right field, pass the security check, and get our tickets scanned. Chaos ensues when we end up splitting up and either taking the stairs, the escalator or the elevator. Michigan at this point had a three point lead over Bucky.

6:10: Chaos ends as we end up in the loge infield section, row fifteen. The Brewers were ready to bat....

And like a good two-part story, I'm going to leave you guys hanging. Part Two will be up later this week; I gotta go unpack my stuff.


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