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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Die, Hippie, Die!!!

Oh, boy. Today's the Feast Day of the Hippie, aka Earth Day. This is when the hippies and liberals try to make us feel guilty about wrecking the planet, and that it's all the fault of the Republicans. Hey, I think that was a plot on South Park!

Come to think of it, it'd be hysterical seeing a "Happy Earth Day" card. The hippies would be screaming "Good Lord, they killed a tree for a fucking card!!" Scratch that....they're probably atheists.

FWIW, I believe in some forms of conservation, just not the ones that PETA and Greenpeace want where all the humans have to die and shit. I recycle and stuff like that. I walk when I need to make a short trip. I can't ride a fucking bike!!! What most hippies believe is so damn insane that we can't help but poke fun of them.

Like MTV. They have this annoying little bug telling us to "Break the Addiction." No, not to drugs, gangs and whores. Of course, they have this little bug during shows where people trash talk each other and "shows" where stupid spoiled whores throw insanely fucking expensive 16th birthday parties. Listen, MTV...break the addiction to shitty programs like this, and I may start walking more.

Aggh....Cartman put it best when he went on the hippie killing rampage.



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