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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It's Tuesday, I'm tired, and I've lost my mind!! You know what that means....NONSENSICAL POST TIME!!!

First off, Easter at the Blankety Family household went off very well. Nobody got sick or got arrested, excepting for an incident that happened last month which will go unmentioned to protect everybody involved. Nothing too serious, so don't get all freaky and crap.

After the family dinner, my sister Steph, my older brother Chad, and my two hellspawn nephews decided to go fishing. Of course, in true Olson fashion, things went haywire pretty damn fast. The little nephew ended up in the was shallow, and Chad actually was sober enough to have excellent reflexes. Little Nephew is perfectly fine, except for we've all laughed our asses off at his expense. I think he's used to it, though.

Right now between typing, I'm getting stuff ready for CCD class tomorrow...the big Easter class. "But Hannah," you're not saying, "Easter was on Sunday!" Yes, I know that. However, we're now in the Easter season, which goes on for 50 days, so it's perfectly OK. I figure I can get them wound up enough on M&Ms long enough to color some Alleluia pictures.

I don't have them for too much longer, only two more lessons. I'm going to miss them. Of course, the first graders I had last year still recognize me and say hi. First Communion is this Sunday, and I sponsored my co-worker's child, who was one of my first pupils. I think I've learned quite a bit from teaching religion. Shame I can't teach myself more, especially with language. The Cuss Box may have worked, as I find myself typing less profanity, save the couple words I uttered earlier, and the few I'm probably going to prattle off later. Well, maybe not tonight.


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