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Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekend Rantings...

Welcome back, bitches!!

Yeah, I was too tired to finish whatever I was saying Tuesday night. Of course, I think I've had roughly fifteen hours of sleep all week. Insomnia is fun!!!

April's slowly winding down, and I can say that other than the referendum shit, Easter madness, and Tom Cruise continuing to act like a fucking nutcase, it hasn't been that exciting a month. May on the other hand, does look interesting. Yours truly is making another visit to Brew City on Mothers Day weekend. Yep, another Brewers game is on the agenda. I'm going on May 13th to see them hopefully Beat the Mets (bad pun alert!) on Derrick Turnbow Bobblehead Night. Free bobblehead! Yaaay!!

I'm also keeping an eye on the Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, WI. A very very very famous NASCAR star not named Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is making an appearance there in late June. (Based on that, you may have a few drivers in mind) I get paid next Friday, and I'm hoping to score a seat. More on that next weekend.

Ummm, speaking of NASCAR, who do you think's going to have the fight this weekend? I'm still in hysterics over Ryan Newman trashtalking Sterling Marlin; that was better than the catfight. That still doesn't top Shove-o-Rama and Kevin Harvick's "Time to Act Like a Dickhead Again" at Bristol. Maybe Talladega will have the mayhem.

Oh, yah...I'm taking a plunge into the MySpace pool. More on that soon.

Time to wrap this little blurb and raid the soda fridge. Dew Time!!


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