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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vox Blankuli...Oh Shit, What Installment Would This Be?

Happy spring, bitches!!!

I saw robins on Sunday; that was a good a sign as any that Old Man Winter can now kiss my fat ass.

Speaking of spring, Turd Boy had Spring Break already. Yeah, hold Spring Break before March 20...fucking genius. Fortunately Turd Boy isn't into going in hot climates and making girls strip and stuff, so he came home. There's nothing like having the kid gracing us with his humor and his farts. I can't wait till Easter when he'll be back.

Meanwhile, shit's going down in our white trash podunk kickass nowhere near any mountain town. People are pissing and moaning about the Hawkins school closing down or the fact that Wal-Mart's coming. I'm surprised RCMH hasn't issued a report saying they've seen people with hot coals shoved up their asses with all the hot air being blown around. People need to calm their asses down.

Speaking of, you'd think the fucking school district was going to shut down if this referendum now would fail. IT'S THEIR FUCKING FAULT FOR NOT MANAGING CASH RIGHT!! The fuckers on the school board make the Enron guys look legal. They never should have given the outgoing administrator a nice retirement package when he did jack shit and made us kids look like fucking assbags. Karma's a bitch now, isn't it dumbfuckers? VIVA FLAMBEAU, ASSBAGS!!

Let's see, now I'm worked up...maybe some Dew will calm me down. Yeah....that did it.

LOVED South Park last night. Absofuckinlutely loved it. Expect a post up by this weekend on it. If this episode doesn't win an Emmy, it'll be a travesty. Well, co-nominate it with "Trapped in the Closet."

Emm.....I really can't think of anything else to say, other than once again I've probably made a considerable amount to the Cuss Box. Damn fucking school board!

OK, More Dew....good night everybody!


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