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Monday, September 25, 2006

Doughnut Derby 2006, Week 3

Here we are, another week of football done. As everyone knows, we started Week 3 with eleven teams still sporting 0-2 records. Two had a bye, so how did the other nine fare?

The Packers held off the Lions in a battle of Derby teams. Hence, not only did Favre throw his 400th TD pass, but he and his team also earn a Swizzle Stick.

In the second Derby matchup, the Redskins massacred the Texans. Whoa, that sounded weird. Mark Brunell was on fire today completing his first 22 passes, good enough for a Swizzle Stick.

The Panthers earned their Swizzle Stick at the last second, thanks to a John Kasay field goal.

Finally, the Dolphins squeaked past the Titans to earn their Swizzle Stick.

That leaves us now with seven Doughnut Derby teams:

Cleveland: blew a chance to beat the Ravens.

Tennessee: lost to the Dolphins.

Houston: had a problem with the Redskins.

Kansas City: Bye week.

Oakland: bye week.

Detroit: couldn't capitalize on an Ahman Green fumble, lost to the Packers.

Tampa Bay: lost to the Panthers in the last few seconds. The game means a bit less now with Chris Simms being hospitalized. Keep him in your thoughts, people.

Week Four Matchups:

Bye Bye Byes: Broncos, Steelers, Giants, Buccaneers

Cardinals vs. Falcons

Chargers vs. Ravens

Vikings vs. Bills

Saints vs. Panthers

Dolphins vs. Texans

49ers vs. Chiefs

Colts vs. Jets

Cowboys vs. Titans

Lions vs. Rams

Patriots vs. Bengals

Browns vs. Raiders

Jaguars vs. Redskins

Sunday night: the must see game between the Seahawks and Bears

Monday night: Packers vs. Eagles


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