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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Holy Shit, It's Fall?!?

Where did the time fly? Oh yeah, drinking Dew and actually staying passed out longer. Still a bit moody at times, but that's probably the weather.

Which sucks right now. One minute it's sunny, then you turn around and there's a downpour. Mother Nature is one tricky bitch. Except for when it comes to butter, 'cause if you prank her there, you are so fucked. (fakey cyber cash to the first person who gets that)

Speaking of fucked, I almost trashed my Daewoo 13-inch TV/VCR after the Brewers/Cubs game last night. That may have been the first time since watching Greg Biffle and JJ Yeley's wreckfest at Daytona that I was supremely pissed over a sports outcome. Dammit, Dave Bush pitched a helluva game, then Frankie Cordero fucks up big time. I'm still steaming over it, and the Crew just beat the Cardinals about an hour ago! With the season winding down, it'll be interesting seeing who stays in Milwaukee and who's going to be looking for another team uniform. That'll probably merit a post there.

As I may or may not have stated before, I'll have to find a team to root for in the playoffs. I think I said that'd be the Tigers, and that's probably it. They'll most likely have to play Oakland due to the "no division matchups in the Divisional Playoffs" rule. The old asshole that owns the Twinkies is already ranting about how they'll easily beat the Yankees. Yeah, right, and next you'll be telling me Barry Bonds isn't on the juice.

(Good Lord, this has turned into the Sports Desk! Hell, might as well roll with it.)

Shaun Alexander broke his foot. The moment I saw that on ESPN, I immedately blurted the first thing that came to mind: The Madden Curse strikes again!

(Note to John Madden: pleeeeze put Terrell Owens on the cover of Madden '08 so we can be spared of any more outlandish shit involving him.)

Woody Paige=Gawd. For the sake of fellow ATH fans, his catch phrase: LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE!

Damn, the Broncos don't play this weekend. And now I have to pick between Badgers/Hoosiers and Brewers/Cards on Saturday? Gaaaah!!

On the home front, my alma mater is undefeated and gearing up for a huge Homecoming showdown tomorrow night. I asked Turd Boy if he was going, and in his typical Turd Boy fashion he farted and said no. Frankly, I don't blame him, since most of his buddies won't be there either, including his friend who plays for the Badgers. Turd Boy, even though he attends UW-Platteville, is a diehard fan of Badger football. He even went with his friends to Tampa a few years ago to see them in the Outback Bowl. Family-wise, that's the farthest south anyone's gone. (FWIW, it's been Platteville. Wow, I'm so adventurous.)

As for me? I won't be going either. I'm probably going to plant my ass on the bed, drink a shitload of Dew, and watch the Doctor Who marathon. Daleks fucking rule.

So, uh, if you don't see any new posts this weekend, I'll have exerminated myself from caffeine overload. Toodles, my homes!


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