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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Have Tasted Victory, and it Tastes Sweet. Like Salt Water Taffy, or a Chunky


As you all know, it isn't BlanketyBlog without a frequent reference to The Greatest Beverage Ever Made in the History of the Whole Wide World. My day usually isn't complete without my usual four cans or more of the stuff. And still I'm getting a good night's rest!!

Since May, The Dew has been running a contest called Old School New School in which regular Dew Addicts like myself have a chance to win some sweetass prizes. If the code you enter from the cap or paper inserts stuck on the packaging of the 12 or 24-packs is lucky enough, you can win anything from an old school Corvette to a new one, from old school sneaks to new school sneaks, an old school arcade system or an XBOX 360 with HDTV, or old school Darrell Waltrip stuff and Dale Earnhardt Junior stuff.

According to my calculations, I consumed roughly four 20 oz. bottles and three 12-packs worth of codes. Once I entered the codes, the site asks what you want to play for.

Being a NASCAR junkie and a huge fan of the old Dew logo, I decided to go for the Darrell Waltrip prize pack. On May 20, on my first try, I got a dude putting on an old-style trucker hat that read, "Can't Win them All."

"BALLS!" I thought, then realized I entered an assload of codes in the Madden contest from last fall and struck out each and every time.

A few weeks later, June 9 to be precise, the codes from the 12-packs and two of the 20 ouncers were entered. That netted me a cool eight chances at winning something.

The first go, I try for the Waltrip prizes and I get the same message from before. At that point, it didn't really matter that I was probably going to crap out, it's just fun to try.

The second go was the same thing. "Yep," I thought. "No go with these either. Them's the breaks."

The third time, I decided to stick with trying for the Waltrip prizes. I figured it'd be a fun way to breeze through the picks, the same as before with the Madden contest.

Then, while waiting for the obligatory "Can't Win them All" clip, the computer takes a few seconds to load. Wait, what's this? It's a different person!

"Hmmm," I thought again, realizing that I'm still thinking properly after the massive caffeine overload. "Maybe they vary the loser messages.

While I awaited the inevitable, something completely different occured. Once again, the dude put on a hat, but the message read something that I have not heard a whole lot of in my 25 years....


I sat there for about five seconds reading the hat, a bit perplexed. Then another screen popped up and confirmed that yes, I was indeed a winner. At this point, I cursed several times in a fit of excitement and did the Happy Dance in my chair.

That Friday, since I wasn't scheduled to work, I was woken up by the Old Lady with an envelope from UPS. Inside was the nitty-gritty, the legal mumbo jumbo, and the official Affidavit of Release form. That was promptly filled out, notarized, and sent out about a week or so later, well within the window keeping me eligible.

It makes me happy to say that this past Friday, after a hellish day at work, my afternoon was brightened when the UPS man arrived with a very large package. Inside was the first part of my prize. After much smiling and references to the Old Man winning his "major prize" in A Christmas Story (remember, Fra-gee-lay!), I opened the box and found my Old School Darrell Waltrip Toolbox Mini-Fridge. I was much delighted, and so was my family when they found out now they had something to store the beverages in besides the cluttered old fridge we already have.

As of now, there's plenty o' Dew, some grape punch from Wal-Mart, several bottles of water, a liter of Lipton Green Tea, some Diet Mountain Dew (the Old Lady's preferred beverage), some Coke Zero, and a six-pack of Coors Lite.

Monday, I got another package. A smaller one with a lot of styrofoam peanuts. And an Old School Darrell Waltrip Trucker Hat. Complete with the old Dew logo.

Yesterday, Box Number Three arrived. This was another sweet part....a replica car hood with the old Dew logo. I squealed and almost pissed myself.

As for the final part of my package, I'll be getting a 1:24 scale Mountain Dew race car next month. And the winner's list will include me! Me! I'm still excited, although that may be tempered a bit when I get the IRS form telling me how much I have to pay on taxes. Hopefully, it won't be as much as the people that won Corvettes.

I will be taking pictures of my prizes and posting them here when I have access to the famiy digital camera. For now, I sit here wearing the trucker cap, with the hood now serving as a great atmospheric enhancer when the TV has either races or Top Gear on.

Yeah, victory does taste sweet. Like 12 ounces of caffeinated yellow goodness. Sweet.


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