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Friday, April 28, 2006

Yaghhh...What Time is It?

Right now, I would say that this month I've slept for roughly 15 hours. Insomnia fucking sucks. It doesn't help when you wake up at godawful early times and must resort to a constant stream of caffeine to get through your shift at work. Man, does my life suck or what?

Well, maybe not completely. Remember last week when I posted about the NASCAR driver appearing at a nearby (translation=about 80 miles) track in June? After budgeting the ol' paycheck, I went and bought a ticket. With that, I can scratch one of my goals off the list: "See Jeff Gordon, even if he's not racing." I so cannot wait until June.

Tomorrow's shopping day; I need to pick up some edible items for next weekend since I have to watch the house and Scamp, the Paranoid Weak-Bladdered Wonder Dog. Everybody else is going to Platteville to visit Turd Boy. Come to think of it, but that's more sleep.

Yeah, I really should be going to bed now. Nothing's worse than a bitchy shopper.


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