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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Your Regularly Schedule Weekend Rantings...

Yeah, I'm doing OK. We got home from our little trip Monday afternoon. Considering we left Waukesha around 10:40 AM, hit some slight delays due to construction, and a dinner break at Black River Falls, we made it home just around 4PM. My legs are still recovering.

Survivor wasn't that bad, even though Terry didn't win. My sister was slightly pissed, but was glad that Aras won. I can't wait for Survivor: Another Fucking Island in the fall. Note to producers; why the hell can't you do an installment in non-tropical climes? Let's see these people survive in some place like Canada or Fargo.

The Olson Files offically endorses Taylor Hicks as pick to win American Idol 5.

On the baseball front, I'm planning on watching Brewers/Reds July 30. The nesting doll giveaway they have planned is a nice bonus.

I'm really looking forward to attening my first batch of auto racing in June at New Richmond. The ticker at the top of the page may give you a short hint as to one of the reasons why.

In family news, Turd Boy just completed his second year of college, beating my record of one. He's now home (yay!), and will be here until the first days of September. This fall, he gets to enjoy off-campus living.

Other than that, I really have nothing to say. Well, until something pops up in my head. Have a decent afternoon!


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