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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cussin' for Jesus '07 Tally One

Yeah, I finally motivated myself long enough to take inventory of my coarse language (hey, if I wasn't a Republican, I would've been hired by John Edwards' campaign. ZING!). But I can't count all the cusses by myself. So I recruited someone who knows their numbers. Ladies and Gentleman, THE COUNT!!

Greetings, Hannah! Ah ha ha!

Well, Count, it's very nice of you to take time out of your somewhat busy schedule counting...hmm, you look a bit weird.

Vhat, you haw newer seen me animated? Goodness, you haw changed!

OK, Hannah, I shall count your cusses now. One cuss word! Two cuss words! Three cuss words! Four cuss words!.......


...thirty cuss words! Thirty-one cuss words! THIRTY-TWO CUSS WORDS! HA HA HA!!

Thank you very much, Count. I'll let you go back now counting the piles of crap left by Bert's pigeons.

So that makes thirty-two profanities posted on this page. At a nickel a cuss, that's a whopping $1.60 in the pot! I think I've declined in cursing compared to last year's tally; of course last year I wasn't freaking lazy either.

So that'll be the tally for the first few weeks. Maybe after my little TV experiment next week I can jack up the ranting. Tally ho and have a decent weekend!


  • At 8:58 PM CDT, Anonymous Lutheran said…

    You a Republican? Nah, never would have guest it! Congrats on the $1.60 in the pot, I think!

    Too bad about ol' Larry Bud Melman. I raise a moist towlette with the others.

  • At 9:43 PM CDT, Blogger Hannah said…

    Yeah....a somewhat moderate Republican. Although looking at some of their shenanigans (and the other side doesn't look any better), I may be considering declaring myself to be an Independent voter.

    A shame about Bud....a moist toweletter salute!


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