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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to Meee!

And I'm eatin'....CUPCAKE! Ah ha ha ha ha!!

At 4:45 AM, your not-humble blogger turned 24 years of age. My birthday actually went very well. I got my winter haircut (I'm notorious in salon circles as having the thickest hair they've ever seen), and I did most of my Christmas shopping.

Present wise? 20 bucks, a $20 Bath and Body Works card, another pair of blue jeans, and the biggie, a 7" portable DVD player. We only have one DVD player in the house, so I'm limited if I want to pop in Blazing Saddles or Team America. Now with my new portable DVD player, I can watch movies in my room. Now I have to figure out what new DVDs I'd like to go with it.

Yes, I did have Mountain Dew. By my estimation, one 20 oz. bottle and a good portion of my sister's 2-liter. It goes well with pizza and cupcakes.

So now comes Christmas...I can hardly wait.

There may be some sarcasm in that.


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