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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The HMO Christmas '06 Mix!! Part One

It's that time of year again...the list of songs I can tolerate listening to for about a month (and up to Epiphany at Church). I decided to make this easier by doing two parts; today will be the religious songs.

In no particular order.....

  • "Joy to the World." This has become a sort of running joke in our family. Every Christmas Eve we go to Mass, and tradition states that one of us has to say "the last song is 'Joy to the World.'" At which point one of us, who's browsing the missalette for the roughly eight songs to be sung that night will find out that the last song is indeed "Joy to the World" and start laughing. I can't imagine this year being any different.
  • "O Come All Ye Faithful," which earns its infamy in the family for being the song I projectile-vomited to. I couldn't help it; I had the stomach bug but attendance was required at the Christmas program. Considering some people tape the program every year, I'm surprised as to why Bob Saget never introduced it on TV.

Speaking of the Christmas program, it was amusing seeing the mad rush to the kindergarten room after class to see the score of the Packers game. Since the program will end during roughly around the end of the third quarter, I can imagine there'll be a crowd.

  • "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." A classic. Thank goodness Charles Schulz was able to keep the religious stuff in A Charlie Brown Christmas because the final scenes of the kids singing this is epic.
  • "Little Drummer Boy." Rock-and-roll's earliest roots. Heh.
  • "What Child is This?" which marks a rare occurence of kids swearing at Mass. Wait till the Palm Sunday reading when they hear what Jesus rode into Jerusalem.
  • Anything "Emmanuel."
  • "O Holy Night." Best version: Cher's. See Shaffer, Paul.
  • "We Three Kings." You'd be surprised that religious kids make fun of this song.
  • "Silent Night," one the faculty grew to hate. Namely, because when we got to "Sleep in heavenly peace," we stretched "peace" into something Mariah Carey would sing.

That wraps up part one. Tomorrow or Monday, Part Two, featuring the more secular stuff, as well as my personal all-time favorites that I can't stop listening to.


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