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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Guess Who's Back, Back Again...

Lazy bee-yotch typing this blog, back again....

Either I'm lazy, or I haven't found the time to post on here. Anyways, I'm doing perfectly fine. Well, except for I burned my hand yesterday and I now have the Nike swoosh branded near my thumb. Yeah, it hurt like a bitch. No, I don't have a photo. Yet.

Family wise, they're all fine. Especially the bebe. Would you like to see a recent photo of her? No? Well, tough titty.

(FYI, that's her uncle Turd Boy holding her.)

And because I can, one more...

Yeah, that's the good stuff. According to the doctor, she's above average in height. Considering her daddy is 6' 1", that was probably going to happen. Little Alexzandrea just turned five months old on Thursday. Hard to believe she's been here nearly half a year. She does have a penchant for inhaling a bottle the way an alcoholic would a 12 oz. longneck. Then she spews all over me and smiles her lil' head off. How can you not laugh at that?

Speaking of the Turd, he's in his fourth year of college. He'll make one hell of an engineer.

As for my quiet little pissant redneck podunk white trash Blue Hills town, it's been five years since Mother Nature fucked us over F-3 style. Five years later, I think that Ladyville's doing just fine. A Country Kitchen (not Buffet, sadly) is set to open within days, and next month our Wal-Mart will open. And we'll actually have real honest to God traffic lights!! We're moving up in the world!

Monday, the Sports Desk gets dusted off. Between college foosball and the NFL, baseball and NASCAR, there's a shitload of sports on the docket. I've also got some special stuff planned for this fall, if I'm not lazy enough to forget. Until then, good fright!


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