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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Yeah, it's been a busy month. I'll update sometime this week on my springtime plans.

But today, wow. This truly is the day the Lord has made. Absolutely beautiful. Just a wonderful day to celebrate the Resurrection.

To make this an even greater weekend, I now have a little niece to dote on; Alexzandrea Irene, born on Good Friday at 5:47 PM. A few weeks early, but from looking at the pictures, she is sooo cute (and takes after her daddy). The only drawback is that nobody can see her because my town's been stricken with the whooping cough. Technically, only "immediate family" is allowed, and my brother had to finagle just to get my parents in. I'm screwed either way, because I had a cold this past week. Considering that the hospital staff is stupid to begin with (I would've used some sentence enhancers, but it's Easter and I threw five bucks to atone for my filthy language today at Mass), we're dumbfounded. Oh well.

Anyways, I hope those of you that celebrate Easter had as wonderful a day as I.


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