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Friday, October 07, 2005

Milwaukee Vice: My Recent Adventure in the Brew City, Conclusion

And here we are, part three of my somewhat-exciting tale of my recent trip to Milwaukee, the main gist of this three part rant being my trip to the Brewers game.

Where did we leave off? runs, the FOX announcers watching the Badgers game, and the Brew Crew winning.

In between the 4th inning, the audience gets to choose what song is played in the sixth inning. In July, it was a toss-up between "God Bless the USA" and Neil Diamond's "Coming to America." A small admission: Cheeseheads LOVE Neil Diamond. Sixth inning comes around, a bunch of drunks and highly caffeinated baseball fans are screaming "Coming to America."

This time, it was Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" and "Margaritaville." Another small admission: Cheeseheads LOVE Jimmy Buffett AND booze. Hell, Bon Jovi got booed. BOOED! Heh. It was pretty much obvious that Jimmy Buffett once again reigned over a bunch of drunks, including my sister.

Once the sixth inning is over, the top of the seventh features the legendary Klement's Racing Sausages; four guys dressed as giant sausages racing from third base to first. Sounds wacky on paper, even wackier when it's witnessed by roughy 33,00o people, roughly a quarter of them drunk.

The Sausages made national news back in 2003 during a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, when Randall Simon whacked the Hot Dog with his bat, setting off a chain reaction similar to what Jimmie Johnson caused at Talladega. No, the Italian didn't do a dozen flips, but when one damn sausage finishes out of the four because some guy played Hot Dog Baseball, that makes the national news. I remember Letterman having a field day with it.

This in turn set off a grudge match between the Sausages and Pittsburgh's Racing Pierogies (I think this may qualify as a sign of the apocalypse). The Sausages got their asses kicked in Round One at Whatever Pittsburgh's Stadium is Named, but got revenge at a relay race back home in Brew City.

Back to 2005: the Hot Dog beat the Polish Sausage at the line. Bastard. I get some Dippin' Dots as a natural reaction. Damned things cost almost four bucks, but they're worth it.

Eighth inning: the score is 8-3, but that's not the highlight. My older brother texts his girlfriend, who's also with us. (NOTE TO SELF: LAY OFF THE DEW) He gives her some good news, nothing which involves Geico insurance; the Badgers are up 16-13. This is short-lived as Michigan scores a touchdown, with the score 20-14. About a few minutes later, near the FOX broadcast booth, roughly all of Section 216 stands up and goes nuts. About another few minutes later, in between batters, the scoreboard features what might be the best reaction of the evening:



Which pretty much translates to "PARTY TIME, BITCHES!" Miller Park erupts.

Meanwhile, the famed relieving corp of Dana Eveland and Julio Santana screw up big time in the last innings. Note for non-Brewers fans; when these guys choke, it comes down to one man....CUE METALLICA!

Derrick Turnbow, a young'un from Tennessee, takes the mound to an insane reaction from the Brewers fans. He saved 39 games this year, tying last year's record set by Dan Kolb (now a Brave), mostly by inheriting whatever runners Santana and Eveland left on base. He got loaded bases and an 8-6 score. He takes down the first two guys he faces, allows a hit bringing the score to 8-7...then forces a ground-out.

Final score: Brewers 8, Cardinals 7. Glover gets the win, Mulder takes the loss, and Turnbow is credited with the save.

After the game, the minor leaguers, including the AAA affiliate Nashville Sounds, who won the Pacific Coast League championship. Many of those guys actually moved up to the Brewers during the season, including JJ Hardy and Rickie Weeks.

After that, the fun part of Fan Appreciation Night occured, when they gave out really expensive crap...including A NEW CAR! Some drunk wins it, presenting a lovely case of irony.

It's about 10:45 PM when we finally leave the stadium, and about ten after eleven when we get back to my aunt's condo. At which point we catch the local PBS station's re-air of the Michigan-Wisconsin game.

Overall, the weekend was allright, even though it rained all Sunday and the Steelers got beat by the goddamned Patriots.

Of course, it's always nice to return home too. Even though now most of it's somewhat flooded.

Have a nice weekend.


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