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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BlanketyBlog NFL Toilet Bowl Week 3

Holy shite, I'm early for once!!!

The Toilet is slowly emptying...we have now Plunged five more teams from the Toilet, leaving us with just five Turd Teams remaining.

Which five got Plunged?

  • Great Googly Moogly! The Chiefs beat the Vikings to earn their Plunger.
  • The New York Jets beat fellow Turd Team Miami to get Plunged.
  • Eli's comin'!!! The New York Giants got plunged thanks to their win over Washington.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles got Plunged thanks to an impressive win over the Lions.
  • Holy shit!!!! The Oakland Raiders are the surprise Plunge of the week, beating Cleveland thanks to some shenanigans they learned from their game against the Broncos.

As for the five remaining Turds:

  • Well, obviously the Dolphins.
  • It doesn't get any easier for the Bills, does it? New England's still a bunch of smarmy douchebag cheaters.
  • The Falcons lost to Carolina.
  • Break out the paper bags! The Ain'ts are Coming!! The Madden Curse hasn't hit Vince Young yet.
  • Finally, the Rams, who got spanked by Tampa Bay.

Overall, my Week Three predictions turned out slightly better. I went 10-4-2. In fact, I actually nailed the score of the Jets-Dolphins game. Yaay!! Season standings are 17-12-3.

Time for some Week Four predictions!!

Bye Byes: Titans, Saints, Redskins, Jaguars

  • Texans vs. Falcons. Matt Schaub returns to his old stomping grounds, and will make Atlanta wish they hadn't let him go, especially after what's happened since. Texans by four.
  • Jets vs. Bills. It just doesn't get any easier for Buffalo, does it? Jets by 17.
  • Ravens vs. Browns. Basically, Old Browns vs. New Browns. Old Browns by 13.
  • Rams vs. Cowboys. Meh. Cowboys by 20.
  • Bears vs. Lions. This sounds crazy, but I'll go with Detroit in an upset by a field goal.
  • Raiders vs. Dolphins: normally, the Dolphins have one win at this point and Oakland would still be winless. However, I'm predicting a Plunge; the Dolphins, pick yer points.
  • Packers vs. Vikings. Fearless prediction: Brett Favre will break the TD record at the Humpty Dump. Take yer pick.
  • Buccaneers vs. Panthers. Meh. Tampa by 7.
  • Seahawks vs. 49ers. Meh. Seahawks by 6.
  • Steelers vs. Cardinals. Heh. Steelers by 20.
  • Broncos vs. Colts. SHIT! Take yer pick.
  • Chiefs vs. Chargers. Great Googly Moogly, the Chiefs actually have a shot!! Still, San Diego's got to be awfully pissed. The Chargers, pick yer points.
  • Sunday Nighter: Eagles vs. Giants. Well, Eli might come, you never know. Hell, I'll go with the Giants by 5.
  • MONDAY NIGHT WELL, THAT'S A BETTER MATCHUP THAN TITANS-SAINTS: Patriots vs. Bengals. Well, there'll be a massive display of egos and acts of douchebaggery. I could give a shit about this matchup because I can't stand either team. Take yer pick!


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