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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Oh My God! They Killed the Smurfs!!!

Sometimes you stumble across something so bizarre, you can't help but post it and shock the hell out of people. Come to think of this, a few days later it sounds damn funny.

Case in point; a new PSA by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF to you and me) that is set to air in Belgium.

According to an article on the website of UK paper The Guardian, some beloved Belgian cartoon characters are set to be blown to hell to shed light on rehabilitating former child soldiers. The cartoon characters, you may ask...none other than the Smurfs. Those little blue mushroom-dwellers that enthralled a generation on Saturday mornings.

A few blurbs from the article mention that viewers in Belgium were treated to a 25-second clip of the film, and for the most part, shocked the hell out of a lot of people, especially little kiddies apparently looking for the new episode of SpongeBob and stumbling across this by accident.

The main gist; the ad starts with the Smurfs, smurfing around and enjoying a good smurf by the smurf. All of a sudden, bombs fall out of the sky, forcing the Smurfs to flee. The final scene features Baby Smurf among a ravaged Smurf village.

Methinks Gargamel was sick of the shit going on in Smurf Village. Considering Papa Smurf was at Smurf School reading "My Pet Smurf" to the Smurflings, I wouldn't be surprised if he and Asrael did the deed. Now we can look forward to the roughly 256 "Smurf Relief" telethons and Obese Far-Left Liberal Smurf making Fahrensmurf 9/11. Thanks a lot, Gargamel!

It gave me some other bizarre ideas of cartoon characters suffering tragically amusing fates:

---the Snorks meet the Exxon Valdez
---Fraggle Rock gets hit by an earthquake
---Barney goes to La Brea
---Elmo gets SARS
---Subsequently, Sesame Street is ravaged by the Big Bird Flu
---That asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs conveniently paying Bedrock a visit.

There's always more, and if you have ideas, feel free to comment on them.

For more views, see what Garfield Ridge's reaction is. If you're a Smurfs fan or a fan of current kiddie shows, or offended by language worse than what you may see here, this may not be for you. Then again, why don't you, it's damn good reading.

Also, read the breaking news courtesty of The Jawa Report.

For further information, check out The Smurf Conspiracy and see how you can help out cartoondom.

That's it for tonight, people. Hopefully this is the first of several satirical posts to come.


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