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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Drawn Together Repeat Recap: Mr. and Mr. Ham

I finally caught the episode I missed was an interesting one to say the least.

SPANKY!! is downloaded with an internet virus (no doubt invented by Al Gore). To receive the proper cure, he needs insurance, but our favorite bawdy porcine friend lacks it. Oh, wait, Xandir does...but he's gay. Will SPANKY!!! engage in fake gay marriage to Xandir for the insurance. Is Toot a fatass?

Meanwhile, Foxxy learns she doesn't have her mystery-solving license (while Josie, Daphne and Captain Hero do). She decides to enroll in college to earn the degree, but is thwarted by the test. She decides to engage in some trickery, with some help from Ling Ling (you know the joke, people). After that backfires, she takes on the Board of Education (cue Schoolhouse Rock parodies). After a great Return of the Jedi gag, she redeems herself...but not until after Ling Ling buys it.

Back to our original story, Clara is upset at the whole gay marriage thing, and gets The Royal Insurance Adjustor to investigate. After some hilarity, Clara ends up accepting the thing....of course, her prediction of apocalypse comes true. Irony's a bitch, isn't it?

Overall, three Dews. Could've used the other three characters more, but the whole Foxxy stuff was wild.

Next week is all new, baby! Assuming the Klum Babies did their thing, the cast learns the house was built on ancient Indian burial grounds. So what do they do as a tribute? Can you say "Casino?"


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