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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Meanwhile, in these Neck of the Woods....

I thought I'd take another little break from the usual stuff and give you some good old local news.

Rusk County and pretty much every single county in Wisconsin is getting ready for that one magical day in November....and after that we'll prepare for Thanksgiving. (TOF drummer plays rimshot)

The first day of hunting season is something most men and a few women eagerly await every year. Licenses are bought, guns are cleaned and the beer companies profit big time.

There are hunters in my family, on both sides. My dad and brothers have hunted since they were certified in Hunter Education classes. My cousins on my mom's side do as well. I would say out of all of them, my brother Chad is the most avid. He is what you'd call an outdoorsman. If it involves a gun, bow, or fishing rod, he'll most likely do it. Last weekend was the bow hunting season for deer. Yep, Chad was out there.

(cue flashback)

It's 4:45, and the three of us (Majah, Fajah and yours truly) are doing what we usually do at this time; watching The Gilmore Girls. During commercials, Majah gets a call. It's Chad, and from what we can translate, he saw a deer, and was "pumped up."

As it turns out, he offed an eight-pointer. He says it was the biggest deer he'd ever seen. He brought it home that night....and based on what I saw, we're going to be eating lots of venision.

(end flashback)

Yep, it's hunting season, in good old full swing. Granted, there is a cloud hanging over the state due to the event from last year, but out of respect for both sides, I'll refrain from commentary.

This past weekend, Fajah and Chad went out. At 3:30 Saturday afternoon, a buck was in the Toyota's bed. Yeah, Chad shot another one. They'll do some more hunting on Thanksgiving Day (a tradition) along with Turd Boy, fresh from Platteville.

Along with Thanksgiving, comes that most wonderful time of the year...Black Friday. Let's make this clear; I'm not that insane to stand outside in 15 degree weather at five in the morning. I do my shopping early to mid-December, driving in congested traffic and brawling over iPods like any normal person would.

Of course, now with the holiday season comes that plague of music. I'd love to rant about it here, but that's a completely different topic which will be tackled in due time.

Yeah...I'm fresh out of ideas. I'll wrap it up by wishing Cheesehead Hunters to stay safe, and get some nice deer...and let me know if you see that elusive Turdy Pointer.


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