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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drawn Together Recap: Captain Hero's Marriage Plan

Well, I caught the airing already, so before I forget, here's the recap.

Captain Hero's old flame, Unusually Flexible Girl, arrives with one thing on her mind...marriage. He doesn't want to, so he gets Wooldoor involved instead. Things, of course, backfire, and CH must get Xandir's advice.

Meanwhile, Foxxy learns about her old band's whereabouts, and proceeds to reunite them in a drunken orgy. But tragedy strikes, and with the help of SPANKY!, cuts an Elton John-eque tribute track. Of course, the fame goes to her head, especially when she finds out she did the deed.

Back to the main story, CH and Wooldoor both want UFG, and are about to fight. And where have Clara and Toot been all this time? Oh yeah, making the climactic potato gun.

Overall, a better episode than last week's. Even Ling Ling's appreciation of drycleaning humor helped.

Four Dews.

Next week looks like a Wooldoor spotlight ep, again.


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