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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Sports Desk

It's that time again for something that interests absolutely nobody!!


The football gods hate Wisconsin right now. I'll leave that at that.

My Broncos? Winners again, baby. I pity the Jets fans right now....a little. Plummer and Co. are hopefully going to make the Cowboys their Turkey Day Bitches. Whoo!!

Peyton and the New Greatest Show on Turf are still rolling along, after beating those damned Bengals and The New TO. Next up...the Steelers on Monday night. This may be the Colts' toughest test of the season. Somebody may want to inform some people down in Miami to get some champagne ready.

Meanwhile, if Reggie Bush goes pro, he better get ready to go to, Houston.


The NASCAR season finally reached its end at Homestead, where Greg Biffle won the race but Tony Stewart took the Cup. I'm not Tony's biggest fan, but I'm glad to see a Chevy driver as the champion once again. I was hoping for Jimmie Johnson to finish second, but a blown tire said otherwise. One day he'll take off the bridesmaid helmet.

Meanwhile, Jeff Gordon ended up with the 11th place slot, aka The First Guy Brian France Doesn't Give a Shit About 'Cause He Ain't in the Chase Award. As TFGBFDGASACHAITC, Jeff receives a bonus upping his prize payout to a million, and gets some TV time. After that, he heads off to France to kick some F1 asses and maybe score some more with that Belgian model.

Ryan Newman hates Rusty Wallace...Jayski mentioned at the drivers' meeting after Rusty was introduced for the final time, all the people in the room gave him a standing O. Except Ryan. Bastard.

Silly Season for the most part has ended with most guys in new rides, and Ricky Rudd stepping away. Not retiring, says Ricky. He's set to spend time with his family, the same way Rusty is. Mark Martin was unable to retire thanks to the whole McMurray/Busch madness.

Sterling Marling, Ken Schrader, Bobby Labonte and Michael Waltrip have new rides. A shitload of Busch series drivers, including Junior's Bitch, Jr., are set to make up the rookie class, said to be one of the best in years. 2006 is going to be interesting.

That wraps up this week's Sports Desk. Next week, Football Up the Wazoo.


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