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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Sports Desk

It's time once again to turn the "Rant" lever toward "Sports." Sports is a fun topic to rant about it. Once again, it'll be categorized into each lil' section.


For the first time since realignment, the NFC Norris teams all won. The damned Queens beat the Giants, the Lions made the Cardinals bitches once again, Da Bears showed signs of past glory by embarrassing the 49ers, and those frackin' Packers beat Michael Vick and Co. How the hell does that happen? On paper you have one of the most exciting QBs in the league and a decent offense, versus a quarterback with virtually nothing left but reserves. Shit happens, I guess.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys sent the Iggles on their continued downward spiral. How exciting a game was that? With three minutes left, Dallas went from being down 20-7 to leading by a point. Amazing stuff.

As for the Colts. Still taking names and kicking ass. Tom Brady, you suck.

Meanwhile, my Broncos are 7-2 and face the falling Jets. After that, a Turkey day date with them Cowboys. Yee-haw!!


Goddamn Iowa. That is all.


The big news this week DIDN'T happen on the track. After his reckless driving ticket and suspicious drinking, Kurt Busch made Tony Stewart look like Jeff Gordon.

The racing gods then conspired to make Sunday's race interesting. The winner? Kurt's lil' brother Kyle, who then got pissed off at the media for asking about Kurt. Family bonds, those are hard to break.

With only one race to go, four drivers are still in the hunt for the Cup. Of those four, only two actually have a shot. Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson are hoping for breaks to fall in just the right direction. Greg Biffle and The Backflipping Prettyboy are going to have to hope for a lot more than that. Jeff Gordon is hoping to stay in's a friggin' million and some TV time. Then he can go to France and waste Michael Schumacher's ass at Race of Champions.

Meanwhile, basketball and hockey are in full swing. One could say the Bucks are a surprise team. Ditto the entire NHL.

Anyways, that's it for this installment of The Sports Desk. Next week, Rivalry Week, Packers/Vikings, and Homestead will be covered.


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