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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Olson Files Sports Desk

There's nothing better than a minor rant to help one sleep. I need the sleep, hence the rant.

---Daunte Culpepper phucked up his knee big time. Yes, I loathe the Vikings but you never want to see somebody's career drastically affected by something like that. My older brother tore his ACL back in '97; he'd hurt it before in '96 but a game against Cumberland finished the deed. Considering several of his classmates also tore ACLs that year, maybe something was going on at LHS.

In essence, if the Vikings weren't already phucked this season what with Whizzinator a Go Go, several players scuffling with the law, and the now infamous Love Boat Fiasco, this put the nail in the coffin. Mike Tice, now may be a good time to start looking for another coaching job.

---Meanwhile, here in this state, there's unconfirmed reports of grocery stores running out of brown paper bags. Allegedly every Pick n Save and Piggly Wiggly in the Green Bay area is right damn out of them. Well, being the fans of the worst team in the NFC, I can't blame them.

Which brings up the question; why the hell haven't they benched Favre yet? Five INTs ain't gonna get it done. Plus, you HAVE to start Aaron Rodgers soon, otherwise he'll be unprepared for when he finally has to, and the Packers will then be in the same boat as the Vikings (no pun intended). Maybe the upcoming massacre at the hands of the Steelers will prompt that decision to be made very very fast. Rodgers, and then they'll probably get Matt Leinart; their QB situation should be taken care of in April.

---Meanwhile, being a Broncos fan, I can mock both teams, as well as the Eagles. Yeah, you guys gave us a scare, but when the rains fall on Mile High, so do the Denver touchdowns. With a bye week, I can sit back and enjoy a good sporting weekend.

---Speaking of the Eagles....Terrell Owens is a dumbphuck. Don't talk shit about the best player on your team, then expect the fans to cheer when you have a milestone touchdown. His ass and his mouth are now enjoying a well-deserved timeout.

---College football....well, I'm not too disappointed in Bucky's loss today. 35-14 sounds a helluva lot better than the score Texas posted and the inevitable 267 USC puts up against some cupcake squad. Also, UW is back at Camp Randall, ready to make Iowa their bitches. I don't mind seeing a return to the Outback Bowl. Hell, the Capital One would be nice, but Ohio State's gonna have to lose another game. Still, they got more wins than the Packers and Vikings combined.

NASCAR: Ah, the chase is winding down. In all essence, it's probably down to three. Stewart, Johnson and Biffle are beginning to distance themselves from Newman and Friends. It's easy to tell that because they're the only three trash-talking each other. Johnson's crew chief mocks Stewart mocks Johnson's crew chief and calls Biffle "One Way and Dead End." Biffle accuses Johnson of cheating by testing in Brian Vickers' car. Meanwhile, the drivers who seem to be enjoying a momentum swing....Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Junior. I don't know if this is a sign they'll be threats in 2006, but they're not just going to stay down. They're not the Vikings.

Well, that's my view on some of the sports and stuff going on. This may be revisited Monday. Stay tuned!!


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