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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November Update

It's late, and the Dew isn't working. I feel like I'm going to fall asleep on the keyboard anytime.

Anyways, a few updates:

---Drawn Together recap for last week is postponed. The Captain Hero ep should be, if I remember to watch it.
---GSWF News: I've been hyping the damned thing for about two months. However, looking at this blog, I think it'd make a lot more sense if the GSWF was featured in its own blog, thus leaving this one open to other crap. Look for the GSWF Blog, with the overhyped new programming, in the near future. Apologies for keeping you guys waiting. Especially for the hollow hype.
---Speaking of this blog, look for the SOS. I think you know what that means. :P
---December....the HMO Christmas Song List returns!! (this'll actually be true). What songs did I keep? What are the new ones? Oooh, the non-excitement!

Either way, that'd be the update for this week.


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