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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Yeah, it's been a few weeks. I didn't even notice that last month marked the 2nd anniversary of BlanketyBlog (formerly The Blank Whatever I Feel Like Doing Blog, then after realizing that was a shitty title, The Olson Files, until I realized that Dateline bait may be reading this.

Thanks to everybody who's lurked over here in the past two years, with a special thanks to for linking to my Lynn Angell tribute.

I'll have more updates in such in the next couple weeks, as I have loads of shit to catch up on, as well as prepare that soon-to-be famous holiday tradition, The HMO Christmas Song List.

I'm actually tempted to start posting wacky clips from YouTube hear. Do feel free to comment, as well as add any suggestions to make this place less sucky.

One final thank you: to the Packers for embarrassing the shit out of the Vikings at the Humpty Dump. And to the Broncos for avoiding the embarrassment of losing to the Raiders.

Here's to many more years of BlanketyBlog goodness!


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