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Saturday, December 02, 2006

B Minus 7....and Eatin' Cookie

Ahh, December. The last month of the year, and probably the busiest too. December happens to be the hot spot on my calendar too. You have Christmas, obviously, and New Years. Of course, before all that, I have December 9 to look forward too. Yep, the Dew Goddess has a birthday on the horizon. I can see the cake already....yeah.

At least when Birthday Number 24 comes, I'll be over my second major illness of the year. I've had a sore throat that's been a pain in the ass. After the throat began aching, the nose got stuffed and swallowing was a bitch. Fortunately, enough generic Nyquil and Dayquil will do the job. As of now, it's a runny nose and the pain while swallowing is only very little. How the hell I got sick, I don't know.

Meanwhile, I've overdosed on football. Too much college, and too much NFL. Having got DISH, the NFL Network has been on my 13-inch Daewoo more often than not.

And I must be hitting that age where kiddie stuff has now become old-school; I had it on Noggin one day before work and the show happened to be Play With Me Sesame. That happens to be a show with Bert, Ernie, Prairie Dawn, and Lovable Furry Blue God--er, Grover, encouraging kids to get off their asses, exercise, and draw stuff.

What made it appealing to me is the reliance of old Sesame Street clips along with the new stuff. In said episode, we got two classic Bert and Ernie sketches. When you're younger, you really don't appreciate just how talented Jim Henson was. Of course, back then you never knew Frank Oz was Bert...and Cookie Monster...and Grover...and Fozzie Bear....and Yoda. (I was quite shocked watching The Empire Strikes Back and realizing Yoda sounded a helluva lot like Fozzie)

Anyways, the first sketch saw Ernie performing "The Magic Chain Trick" to a skeptical Bert, with the satisfying punchline at the end (Bert jokes that Ernie should turn the chain into a sandwich, which Ernie promptly does). The second saw Bert wanting to play a game. Ernie, thinking that he means outside, drags out all sorts of winter stuff. In true fashion, when Bert tells Ernie he wanted to play checkers, Ernie gets upset and shifts the blame to Bert. Cue Trademark Bert Faint.

Another old clip featured The Honkers, those monsters with horns for noses. The sketch has dual meaning; not only is a baby Honker born, but we also learn Honkers are hatched.

The clip that had me laughing was Cookie Monster singing about "Eatin' Cookie" throughout the year. The music happened to be "Makin' Whoopee." Man, the Street was awesome back in the old days; the kids were amused by the Muppets, and there were clever adult references hidden among the show. I haven't seen any episodes recently, so I think that's going to be a special this month...I'll watch a week of the new shows and see how much things have changed. That, on top of the planned holiday posts.

So, with Eatin' Cookie in the brain, time to sign off in order to light that first purple candle.

B-day minus 7......


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