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Sunday, October 07, 2007

BlanketyBlog Toilet Bowl Week Five

Yeah, it's early and two games have yet to go final, but I thought I'd get a jump on next week.

Anyhoo, we don't Plunge anyone this week:
  • Amusingly, the Dolphins, Saints and Rams all lost by a field goal. To Houston, Carolina and Arizona respectively.

So far this weekend, I've fared quite better, posting an 8-2-2 mark. The Cowboys and Bills play Monday, but I can't see the Cowboys losing to the Bills (famous last words).


Bye-Byes: Bills, Broncos, Lions, Colts, Steelers and 49ers.

  • Rams vs Ravens. Heh heh, it doesn't get any better for St. Louis, does it? Ravens by 23.
  • Vikings vs. Bears. Meh. For shits and giggles, Vikings by a field goal.
  • Dolphins vs. Browns. Is this where Miami's futility ends? Computer says "No!" Browns by 10.
  • Redskins vs. Packers. Hmm. Green Bay needs to step up the running. However, I don't know how the game right now will end, so another take yer pick situation.
  • Texans vs. Jaguars. Both have decent records. I'll go with the Jags by six.
  • Bengals vs. Chiefs. Great Googly Moogly!! Bengals by 12.
  • Eagles vs. Jets. Yawn. Eagles by a point.
  • Titans vs. Buccaneers. Is this where Vince Young falls victim to the Madden Curse? Tampa in an upset, pick yer points.
  • Panthers vs. Cardinals. The Kurt Warner era begins, again! Cards by a touchdown.
  • Patriots vs. Cowboys. Ooooh, this could be a battle of unbeatens! Who wants to stay undefeated longer? Take yer pick. PS: Tom Brady, you're undefeated. Stop whining, you little bitch.
  • THE NBC SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL THEME MAKES HANK WILLIAMS JR'S OVERBLOWN MONDAY NIGHT THEME SOUND LIKE A WORK OF ART: Saints vs. Seahawks. One that looked good on paper in July, not so good in October. Seahawks by 15.
  • MONDAY NIGHT SHITE: Giants vs. Falcons. Meh. Giants, pick yer points.


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