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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

High School Memories

This evolves from a post on the GSN boards.....I thought I'd have more fun with my response here.

---Freshman year (1997-'98)

The school board changed the class scheduling from 22 20-minute "mods" to eight oddly timed periods. This was done without allowing students or parents to voice opposition. This pissed off a majority of the student body, so in early spring, they staged a walkout. Of the 400-something students, about 200 (including yours truly) walked out, and yet more stayed home. Everybody who didn't attend ended up with an in-school suspension on a Thursday. Not only that, but it was the Thursday before Easter, so that week we only had two days of class. This, however, did not reflect my high school career as I graduated with a 3.7 (rounding up..:tongue2: )

Watching the seniors take down a door frame during Lumberjack Day's legendary Tug O' War. Back then, the event (celebrating our mascot) lasted all week, with the Tug being held in three days. The frosh were paired up against the junior, while the sophomores took on the seniors. The underclassmen pulled off two upsets, and on Friday, the two final matches were held. In the morning, the junior beat the seniors (including my older brother, still recovering from knee surgery...word of warning kids, don't even think of doing that), even though they tied the rope to the door frame. The juniors pulled hard enough and the damn thing came loose. Of course, the kids went insane, and the teachers blew their lids.

That being said, in the championship, which took place during halftime of the student/faculty basketball game, my fellow freshmen and me won.

My other favorite memory was of my brother and his buddies screaming "BRONCOS!!" at Packers fans the day after Super Bowl XXXII. Chad is a die-hard Miami fan, and loathes Brett Favre. I was probably the only Denver fan at LHS at the time, so I was probably one of the few kids walking the halls with a big smile.

I have to admit that my older brother was very important helping me survive freshman year. He was extremely popular with the students and respected by the faculty. Of course, being the star on the football and track teams didn't hurt either. A lot of people saw my last name and would ask if I was Chad's sister. When I said yes, I heard many "he's a good kid" comments.
When he underwent his knee surgery in December '97 (a result of a football injury in 1996), a ton of his friends signed a get-well envelope containing a new (expensive) pair of headphones for his walkman. That's how popular he was. After he graduated, a lot of people at school would ask how he was doing at tech school. I owe him a lot.

---Sophomore year ('98-'99).

Ditching the Drivers' Ed car in the snow. It wasn't too bad, but it scared the crap out of me, and almost to the point where I refused to take my drivers' test. FYI....three times is indeed a charm. :D
Also, that year I began writing for the school newspaper, The Echo, and had a couple popular articles. It really inspired me to write stuff in the future, as evidenced here with my stories and at my blog.
Oh, yeah....the Broncos won again, so I was a very happy camper.

---Junior year ('99-2000)

Lumberjack Day returned after a one-year hiatus, and although my junior class didn't win, we made the freshmen our little playthings. Having watched the scene in Revenge of the Nerds where the nerds play the "Have the Jocks Pull Really Hard then Let Go of the Rope" trick, we got cheers from the sophomores and seniors. This was outside, so nobody got hurt.
Homecoming, when the Lettermens' Club staged a WWF skit. All the kids loved it, since it involved chairs, "HHH" and "The Rock" beating the crap out of the Hayward Hurricanes. The teachers, with the exception of the L-Club head, didn't enjoy it.
The freshman put on a very crappy Tonight Show parody, which was made funny only by the seniors disrupting by screaming "AUSTIN RULES!" and "SHOW US YOUR PUPPIES!!" (the WWF skit didn't take place until the end of the skit contest)

Senior Year

Homecoming: I wrote the seniors' skit, a spoof of Survivor. It finished in second place, only because the freshmen stuck a guy in a dress. The real winner among the students was once again the L-Club. They staged "The Three Pigs" (complete with Green Jelly song) involving the Spooner Rails demolishing its conference foes..until it beat up on some poor underclassmen, at which point some big old Lumberjacks came out and paid tribute to the 1999 skit. Let's just say someone got the Last Ride. Hell, I think this may have been a huge inspiration for what would become the GSWF (shameless whoring other stuff is fun!)

Lumberjack snowed. I sprained my knee but took part in the Tug O' War anyways. It came down to us and the freshmen (including Turd Boy, my younger brother). We decided if the Nerds Rope Trick worked last year, it should work again, especially in the snow. The other kids lost it once we let go and sent the Class of 2004 into a giant snowbank.

I returned the favor my older brother gave me by helping Turd Boy out his freshman year. He mentioned that a lot of people asked, "You're Hannah and Chad's brother, aren't you?" See? We watched out for each other. Paul matured into a popular kid, idolized for his sense of humor (Mike Newkirk was the star athlete; you Badger fans may know his name). His senior year, I went to see him compete in the shot put at a meet in Barron. His trademark was to scream really loud before throwing the shot. He proceeded to scare the shit out of the girls' discus teams.

Back on subject, I was thrilled to graduate. Not because I wanted to get the hell out of town (every LHS student has this goal), but because I was ready for the new challenges I'd face in life. Though they haven't gone the way I wanted them to be, I believe I can correct those things in the future. In four years, I went from a protesting wild freshman to a 3.7 student with a bitching sense of humor. A lot of maturation occured, which surprised me the most.

Overall, high school was an interesting time, full of both sad and happy memories. It really is the stepping stone to bigger things in life.


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