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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Sports Desk

It's time once again for the weekly view on sports....this week's it's football, again.

First off, college. Unless Colorado or UCLA pull off an upset, the Rose Bowl matchup is pretty much set.

Meanwhile, there's two other major conferences holding a championship game to determine BCS eligibility. The SEC title game pits Georgia against LSU, while the first-ever ACC game features Florida State and Virginia Tech.

Notre Dame, by virtue of pulling off some late heroics against Stanford, are also bowl eligible, putting college football pundits in a tizzy. Should Penn State, the Big Ten champs, take a backseat to the Irish in the Fiesta Bowl race? Hmmm...being a Catholic in Badger country, I'm not going to comment. Hopefully both teams get a BCS game.

If Ohio State, as rumored, snags an at-large bid, Bucky Invades Orlando, 1/2/06. Wisconsinites are eagerly awaiting this Sunday's selection show.

Speaking of, Friday night brought us the college football special, Badger Five-O. In the special, John Stocco, sidekick Brian Calhoun, "Book 'Em" Stanley, and the rest of Barry's Boys ran wild in the Aloha Stadium. When all was said and down, Bucky posted a 41-24 score on the Rainbow Warriors (no, not Jeff Gordon's pit crew!). The special paled in comparison to "Bucky Slaughters the Temple Owls and angers Animal Rights Pussies in the Process."

Meanwhile, in the NFL, the Colts beat the Steelers a bit handily. Some of you may think 23-7 may not be as "handily" as whatever score the Broncos put on the Jets a few weeks ago, or the Boredom Bowl at Lambeau in October, but considering the hype both sides got, it was a surprise. Watch, the Colts can beat a team like the Patriots, Bengals or Steelers, but watch them lose to Tennessee or Houston.

Speaking of Houston....YOU BASTARDS!! Talk about your choke jobs...they were beating the Rams by TEN! LATE IN THE FREKKING FOURTH QUARTER!! And they let some third string guy beat them IN FREKKING OVERTIME!!!! IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN FOOTBALL?

No, wait; the Eagles won. But if Houston had won, Wisconsin would no longer have a pro football team. IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN FOOTBALL??

Wait, Ron Dayne beat the Cowboys in overtime. Well, he needed Jason Elam to kick the field goal to win it, but still....BRONCOS!!!!! Bring on the Chiefs!

Playoff wise, the Colts, Broncos and Seahawks are most likely in for their respective conferences. The other big question is who will get Reggie Bush in the draft. If Houston had won...YOU BASTARDS!!!, Green Bay would have a Aaron Rodgers/Reggie Bush starting combination. Houston, let me repeat something....YOU BASTARDS!!!

Man, I think the post-Thanksgiving indigestion has finally gotten to me.

Let me grab a drink here...ahh, nothing like a cold Dew. Anyways, it'll be a four-team fight for Reggie Bush. They oughta have a playoff for that, call it the Toilet Bowl and have it the day before the Big Game. I'd pay good money to see who is the Cream of the Crap.

Speaking of, here's a fun question for you to try out; who would win in a battle between your favorite football team and any university. Granted, my Broncos would probably take out Bucky, but what if Bucky took on Past His Prime and Should've Retired Years Ago and his, leftovers.

Brooks Bollinger sucks. I guess being choked by that Ohio State guy did something to his talent.

Friday night, NASCAR brings us the Tony Stewart Coronation Ceremony. Oh yeah, some other guys are getting honored too.

Speaking of, there may be a new broadcast deal on the horizon. No more NBC...instead, ESPN and ABC would get 17 races including the Chase. FOX would get 13, and TNT would have 6. That, of course, comes to 42. (rimshot)

With that bad Hitchhiker's Guide joke, that wraps up this week's Sports Desk. Next week, more football, and maybe some college hoops.


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