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Friday, December 09, 2005

Another Year Older....

Another year my case, less wiser.

Today marked my 23rd birthday, and for the most part it was just like all my other 22. I was able to spend it with family, and the gifts weren't that bad either.

A tradition of sorts is listening to my mom recall how I was born. It was late evening December 8. Mom and Fajah had put five year-old Steph and two year-old Chad to bed a few hours before, and then turned in.

Somewhere around 11 PM, Mom woke up, nudged Fajah, and said that it was time. (Mothers reading this will immediately get it.)

Fajah stirred momentarily, then said, "go back to bed."
Mom, like any other woman whose water broke, immediately replied, "No, IT'S TIME!!"

At this time, my parents immediately got out of bed, got dressed, and called my grandma in Bruce. Grandma was the designated babysitter if Mom went into labor during school hours or nights. Once she arrived, my parents then booked it to Rice Lake. Yes, Ladysmith has a hospital but in the words of my parents, the delivery staff "*blanking* sucked." Considering Lakeview has an excellent staff, it was pretty much a given.

They were at the hospital, I'm going to assume around midnight.

After many contractions and I assume screams for an epidural, at 4:45 AM, I was born. In my trademark style, I subsequently scared the shit out of everybody by coming out with the umbilical cord around my neck. Nothing like post-birth strangulation to get the doctors on the ball.

I think you know how everything turned out.

Going back to today, as I mentioned earlier I was able to spend a good portion of the day with the family. Chad dropped by with a card earlier in the day, and Turd Boy called from Platteville with a birthday greeting. The rest of us gathered at my sister's house and had KFC and chocolate cake, washed down with You Know What. (NOTE: I think I'll be paying for it for the next few days, if you know what I mean)

After that, my older nephew begged me to open the gifts. He, the other nephew, and Steph gave me a Christmas SpongeBob Beanie Baby. Mom and Fajah remembered my asking for some clothing; I have a nice black sweater, another pair of jeans, and work socks.

Bowen, the nephew, then asked me to unwrap the other part of the gift. Looking at the size of the gift, I assumed it was a DVD. After about five minutes of unwrapping (Bowen used a crapload of tape), I got a peek at the box. Instead of the General Lee, Marvin the Android or Johnny Depp, I saw Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. No, it wasn't a movie, but NASCAR 2006 for the XBox.

Needless to say, I was speechless, as I wasn't expecting the game. But being a NASCAR fan, I loved it. I played with it for a little while, and I would recommend it for NASCAR freaks.

From looking at the clock, I think it's time for bed. I have some Christmas shopping to do and a song list to compile for all of you. Have a great evening, and thanks to the GSN Forum gang for the well wishes.


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