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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Sports Desk

Abbreviated, maybe because I'd like to keep my sanity intact, but here we go.

Houston....YOU BASTARDS!!!! You were going to win again and YOU BLEW IT!!!

Kansas City....YOU BASTARDS!!!

Mike Sherman....your idiot QB threw a dozen more INTs and you're NOT going to bench him? YOU BASTARD!!!

Peyton and Co....made the Titans their bitches. Next up is Jacksonville....this could be the game that throws a kink into the perfect season plans.

On to college....

Bucky and Friends....Capitol One Bowl!! Way to go!! The only drawback is we'll have to sit through those stupid "Mascot Challenge" ads and about five hundred David Spade sightings.

That'll wrap up this week's abbreviated Sports Desk. Next week I'll probably end up cursing the Texans again and begging Reggie Bush to turn pro.


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