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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Yep, it's officially winter in Wisconsin. You can't go outside without immediately needing five coats and more gloves than a baseball team.

Someone called one of the Eau Claire stations with a mercy request for "Turdy Point Buck" last night, in honor of those who didn't get any deer. The deejay gladly obliged. Even sadder, I knew all the words.

I'm getting ready to do some shopping over the next few weeks. I have a few people to shop for: my parents, my two nephews, my brother's GF, a co-worker, and a kid off the tree at church. Right now I'm praying my financial situation will improve slightly. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Drawn Together recap will once again be postponed, as I was watching Whose Line instead. GSN posters, the same goes for South Park.

Eh, what else do I have to say?Yeah...GO BRONCOS!!

This weekend, I'll have the song list for you. It should further the conversation on my caffeine-fueled sanity.

Carry on....*whistling*


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