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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Out of Hibernation!!!

Yeah, it's been awhile, but I guess I should post an update as to what the hell I've been up to. Work, work, Mass, CCD, more work, and some play.

I've actually been pulling in better hours at my job, and with my semiannal raise; normally I get a significant cutback in late January to the middle of March. I guess moving up the dayside ladder has an advantage. One drawback is I'm somewhat behind on sleep. One of my current goals is to alter my nighttime activities.

Meanwhile, I'm back to teaching the lil' ones. A few weeks ago I damned near had "The Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop Meltdown" when some kids felt fart noises and turning their booklets into projectiles were more worthwhile. I probably would have felt better if I had bellowed for them to shut up, but I think that would have been inappropriate and possibly a sin. There's my early Lenten goal: give up getting easily pissed. That may involve getting more shuteye and possibly cutting down Dew consumption by a few, wait. More shuteye, keep Dew drinking at its current level.

I did take a three-day weekend last week. It helped. I went down to Waukesha again, to party and watch the Super Bowl. Yeah, I rooted for the Steelers. After that, my streak of Years Where the Team I Wanted to Win Lost ended. Yaaay!

Hopefully this blog will get rolling again. I plan on updating links and crap, and catch up on Drawn Together once again. The Sports Desk should be rolling too, especially with Daytona.

I'd love to bore you some more, but it's time for Whose Line. Goodnight!


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