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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Vox Blankuli

Ah, it's Sunday night, it's fricking cold, and this state is NOT happy. With the exception of the Queens fans....and Da Bears fans.....and Lions fans. You get my drift. I'd be in a decent mood but my Orange and Blue lost as well. Balance that with Bucky and the D whomping Purdue and Jeff Gordon finally figuring out where the hell Victory Lane is, I guess things broke even. Unless the Sox can hang on, then I'll be fine.


Anyhoo, the Drawn Together recap is postponed until 10/24.

Smackdown Plus Retro will be up shortly. Reminder, the new GSWF programming starts with "The Lost Episode" in November.

Finally, a question; with Hurricane Wilma, are The Flintstones now inappropriate? Comment away!!


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