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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Meanwhile, in these Neck of the Woods....

Yeah, I haven't posted much about God's, my county.

First off, my nephew Bo-Bo had an exciting bus ride to school today. It was a normal trip until the bus driver saw flashing lights behind him. Of course, the poor bastard thought he did something wrong until the pig---er, cop, asked to see two high school girls. Turned out the girls were flipping off the cop. Heh. God, I wish I would've been there to see that. I probably would have been arrested for laughing my ass off.

Meanwhile, speaking of asses, half the county is going to Madison on Friday to watch the Flambeau Farmers---whoops, Lumberjack bias there----Falcons girls play in the D4 Semifinals. They're playing Rio. WHERE THE HELL IS RIO? Did they have some other name, then listen to Duran Duran and decide to change it, or what? Yeah, chances are Flambeau'll win, then they'll face either Barneveld or Wausau Newman. Nothing's more entertaining than Catholic girls kicking other Catholic girls' asses. Believe me on that one. That being said, Barneveld will claim the gold ball.

Ahh, memories. About three years ago, the town was getting excited over the Lumberjacks in the sectional finals. I didn't go to either of the games, since I was in Waukesha. It took a phone call from Turd Boy to let us know the Jacks were heading to state. Considering the events at the time (it was about half a year since the F3 tornado), the county was in a very good mood.

Which was made better one week later when Dave Siverling nailed a layup with half a minute left to clinch the Division 3 championship. I think there's still some euphoria left over. Combined with Mike Newkirk winning the heavyweight wrestling title two weeks before, this put us over the edge. Just think of it as the effects of waaay too much Mountain Dew. Yaaahhhh!!

There is one big news story coming from my sounds like we're getting ourselves a Wal-Mart. Well, considering there's less than 10,000 people in this county, that's big news. Of course there's people having shit fits that "it's going to hurt the local businesses." WHAT FUCKING LOCAL BUSINESSES? Considering 90% of Ladyvillers drive 40-50 miles to do their damn shopping, this might keep their asses here. The only business it'll hurt are the gas stations. When you have nothing but bars and gas stations as the goddamn economy, you need more fucking stores!!!

Deep breath....deep breath.....think of the cuss box. OK, I think I'm calm now. Yeah, I guess we'll just have to see how this turns out. It'll save me a helluva lot of gas money.

Speaking of money, looks like the Cuss Box will grow a little. Before it goes up more, time to tie up the strings on this.


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