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Monday, October 24, 2005

Drawn Together Recap: Season Two, Episode One!!

Yep, it's autumn all right. New South Park, and a new season of Drawn Together. Where to start?

  • We're treated to the trademark "Previously on..." clip reel of the gang revolting and blowing up the house
  • After the opening credit, we see the gang in a tailspin
  • Toot sees peanuts...farewell, Toot.
  • The gang crash lands....everybody's safe.
  • Ling Ling like black box. heh
  • There's Toot! Can you say "shark bait?"
  • Whoops....the shark was bait.
  • "Hey, there's that asshole Jeff Probst!" First Mountain Dew spray of the season.
  • The gang learns that work for reality stars is difficult to come by.
  • And the casualty? Wooldoor Sockbat, who offs himself Shawshank style. Hell, if I had that annoying Clippy by me, I'd do the same. But then, suicide's a sin....but offing that damned Clippy is too. Dammit!!
  • Meanwhile, the poor island tribe is forced to feed Toot. Bring her virgins!!
  • The gang decides to return to the house, with the sole proviso being they have to get a new castmate.
  • Hopped up Speedy Gonzalez? They're going to get letters.
  • WILLLLLMAAAAAA! Oops, the hurricane may be forcing this one to go on the shelf
  • Strawberry Shortcake? AGGGGHHH!
  • I'm 18, but I'm like 8!!
  • What the hell was that giraffe doing?
  • AGGGGHHH! Wooldoor ain't dead! Yaaay!
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Genocidal Maniac. God, I love this show
  • And Toot saves Wooldoor, and the day!!

Overall, a good start to the season. It's a Four Dew effort, and hopefully the rest of the eps are just as great.

This week: SPANKY! and Xandir get hitched. Ah, I bet chaos ensues!!


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