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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh, Look Who's Finally Posting!!

After another month of gathering dust, I thought it'd be time to update the ol' blog.

First off, here's somebody looking super cuuuuute....

This is little Alexzandrea, my now one-month old niece. She was supposed to arrive on May 18, but she had other plans. Let's just say when you get home from Good Friday services and half the family's in disarray....yeah.
Most of us were, to put it lightly, a bit pissed when we were told only immediate family would be allowed. My brother actually had to finagle a bit to get my parents to see her! About one week later, she was allowed to leave under warnings that she had to go back if she turned yellow. Yep, she spent a few more days in there. It wasn't until the third weekend of April, I believe, when I finally got to hold her for the first time. Boy, was she tiny. She looked like one of those dolls you get at Wal-Mart with the movable eyelids.
As of now, she's eight pounds, a decent length, and possesses the mighty power of flatulence that runs in the family. She's still gorgeous.
As for me, I'm still going on going on. Turd Boy is now legal age. He's currently in Vegas. Hopefully, what happens to him in Vegas, know the rest.
Speaking of, who are the ad wizards that gave the Geico cavemen their own show? What's next, Wilford Brimley on his horse in a show about a diabetic in love with the Liberty Medical representative? Mehhhhh.
I'll probably stop while I'm ahead...I'm going to see if the Brewers actually scored some runs.