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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet!!

Here I is, still posting. I guess I need to do this more since I don't have a clue who's spying on this blog and reporting to the "secret police."

Yeah, Christmas was good. Somehow was able to stay up long enough to see 2008 end and the beginning of the end begin. Yeah, that made a lot of sense.

I've been a bit busy again. Work, catechism, helping babysit...and to let you in on a little secret, Mr. Stork may be on his way again for one of my sibs this year.

Err, looks like an interesting Super Bowl. I don't know who to root for, though. Was utterly shocked when Denver canned Shanny after the season. I'm not sure if this McDaniels dude will be all that great, even if he was the Patriots' offensive coordinator. Look at Charlie Weis...he was a Patriots offensive coordinator, and look how far that's gotten Notre Dame. Oh well, could be worse...look at the Lions.

Other than that, I haven't much more to say. I'll have to shake off the rust and update this lil' blog more frequently. More YouTube searchery, perhaps.

So until that time, take it easy and keep warm if you're freezing your ass.