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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Your Regularly Schedule Weekend Rantings...

Yeah, I'm doing OK. We got home from our little trip Monday afternoon. Considering we left Waukesha around 10:40 AM, hit some slight delays due to construction, and a dinner break at Black River Falls, we made it home just around 4PM. My legs are still recovering.

Survivor wasn't that bad, even though Terry didn't win. My sister was slightly pissed, but was glad that Aras won. I can't wait for Survivor: Another Fucking Island in the fall. Note to producers; why the hell can't you do an installment in non-tropical climes? Let's see these people survive in some place like Canada or Fargo.

The Olson Files offically endorses Taylor Hicks as pick to win American Idol 5.

On the baseball front, I'm planning on watching Brewers/Reds July 30. The nesting doll giveaway they have planned is a nice bonus.

I'm really looking forward to attening my first batch of auto racing in June at New Richmond. The ticker at the top of the page may give you a short hint as to one of the reasons why.

In family news, Turd Boy just completed his second year of college, beating my record of one. He's now home (yay!), and will be here until the first days of September. This fall, he gets to enjoy off-campus living.

Other than that, I really have nothing to say. Well, until something pops up in my head. Have a decent afternoon!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Live From Milwaukee! Oh, hell, a suburb

Happy Mothers Day to those of you with kids!!!

I've had a very nice weekend so far down here in Waukesha. Considering it rained for the better part of two days, it wasn't so much the weather but the other things I've been doing.

Friday night we sat around and watched the ballgame. Considering we didn't arrive in Waukesha until after 6PM, there wasn't much to do. We did have a scare over Scamp, the Paranoid Weak-Bladdered Wonder Dog. Turns out my dad let her out to pee and she didn't come in. This, after the last words out of my mouth were "Make sure the dog doesn't die." Yeah, you could say I was a bit panicky. As it turned out, she was hiding under a tree by my dad's truck. Considering it was raining, he didn't look really hard.

With that out of the way, we watched the Crew rally to beat the Mets 9-6. Yay!

Yesterday was busier. My sister and I went to Kohl's to take advantage of the Early Bird specials. I took advantage of a $5 off coupin (tm Ron White) for cosmetics and bought some lip glosses.

That afternoon we headed out for one of the local malls, Brookfield Square, and spent the better part of ten minutes trying to find parking. Once we found a spot, we did a little more shopping, then headed on our way to Miller Park.

The game was completely sold out. Derrick Turnbow is a rock star around these parts, and when people learned he was getting a bobblehead, it was guaranteed asses would be in seats for the game.

We got there around 4PM, but they wouldn't let any fans in due to the high demand for the bobblehead. The line almost resembled that of the line Ralphie and his brother were stuck in in A Christmas Story. The doors finally opened around 4:30, and the line soon shrunk.

A quickie about the bobbleheads; every fan attending the game got one. It's your normal baseball player bobblehead, only with Turnbow, you had real hair simulating his hairstyle. To make the deal better, 5,000 of the bobbleheads featured the retro ball-and-glove logo, while 100 had special cards to redeem for an autographed bobble. Out of the six of us, my sister and I were two of the lucky 5,000. Maybe I can snap a photo of it sometime to post on here or the GSN boards.

Another quickie; my aunt didn't buy tickets until the end of April. We wanted some field-level seats, but as it turned out those went fucking fast. We had a choice of either nosebleeds for $18, foul line seats for $80, or club box seats for $35. We decided to go for the club seats, since they sounded reasonably good.

One drawback, though, was that we were on the third level.
However, when we actually got to the club level, it kicked serious ass. You had carpeted hallways, security at the door, and ritzier bathrooms.

The seats were fab as well; we had a pretty decent view of the field and a better look at the scoreboard. To make it better, the club seats have in-seat catering; a staffer will come to your seat, take your order, and have it delivered in minutes. The menu was awesome; you had your normal ballpark fare (hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, Cracker Jack, beer, beer, beer) as well as gourmet sandwiches, specialty appetizers, and more liquor. For less than ten bucks, I had mozzarella sticks, waffle fries, and The Only Beverage in the World that Matters to Me (I think you know what I mean by now.)

As for the game itself...ehm, it had its moment. The crowd got into it after Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder homered, then turned into a near-riot after one of the relief pitchers allowed a two-run homer. The eight inning was where people really went batshit. With two Brewers on base and an 8-4 deficit to overcome, Corey Koskie delivered. Damian Miller knocked another homer out for the hell of it. Then the pitcher nailed Brady Clark and got his ass tossed. The crowd at this point was on their feet going insane. Once Willie Randolph got the hook for pissing off the ump, I swear the crowd level actually went to 12.

Sadly, that was the last hurrah. Derrick Turnbow gave up the game winning homer for the Mets. Bastard.

FWIW, any disappointment over the game was somewhat lowered by the fact Jeff Gordon finished 2nd at Darlington.

Right now, I'm typing this and taking the occasional look at the rubber match. Right now, I pity the Mets. Heh.

This'll probably be the last I post until about Tuesday/Wednesday/whenever the hell I feel like posting.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Sick Week Post!!

This week hasn't been that good. I've been sick for about three and a half days, but I think it'll be out the ol' system by tomorrow. This isn't much of a post, just wanted to let the bitches out there know where I was at.