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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Out of the Woodwork Again

Happy 4th of July to my Yankee friends!! To those of you foreigners, a good Wednesday to you.

What in hell have I been up to since my last post (which, according to the linky is May 23)? A little. Not a whole lot, but I've been keeping busy.

First off, baby news...little Alexzandrea has porked up!! In two months, she's gone from 5 to 7 pounds! Allegedly she's beginning to smile, but either I haven't been around or I've been too lazy to check out the family digital photo album. Maybe if I'm not too damn lazy this weekend I'll post some random photos of shit. The bebe, Turd Boy's Vegas Vacation, and whatever looney shit we've been crazed enough to take photos of.

I just went to another Brewers game a few weeks ago. Would've been nice if they had won...or if Jenkins, Fielder and Hardy were playing. On the bright side, I got a Bill Hall bobblehead, and got to see Corey Hart (no, not the singer) crack a homer in the ninth to send it to extra innings, though. We even tailgated! Good times, albeit alcohol (and Dew) free. Then I went on a honey-wheat roll binge at the Texas Roadhouse. Those things are damn tasty.

Later this week, along with the promise of photos, The Sports Desk will get dusted off. There's shitloads of sports news to talk about. As for now, I'm gonna go watch me some fireworks. Toodles!