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Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Memo to the Wisconsin Tourism Board

May 10, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

For many years, you have chosen to advertise this fair state with the slogan "Wisconsin: You're Among Friends." However, recent events may affect this line, and perhaps a change is in order.

If you're indeed among "friends" here, ignore the lunatic "Catholics" (who have started so many fringe churches it makes the anarchist factions in Life of Brian look sane) who leave deceased people on toilets for two months and convince some kids that you can do some resurrecting.

Ignore those Einsteins from '07 who set their nards on fire.

And the guy that ruined a good night of porno watching by busting doors with his sword.

And the incompetent fucks in charge of the roads, who somehow fail to notice that all the highways and side roads now feature potholes that are apparently gateways to another dimension if you hit the fuckers the wrong way.

And the incompetence of our politicians, who feels it's okay to jack up car registration fees in order to give to the Indian casinos, and our asshole governor who's done jack shit while in office yet the welfare folk keep fraudulently re-electing him.

Other than that, you know...anyways, I hereby propose that you change the slogan to "Wisconsin...You're Among Dumbfucks."

Have a good day.
Ms. Blankety, of this blog.